Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lessons from the Dutch

Cute typical Dutch home

Just as the year started my husband and I went to the countryside of The Netherlands for three months. We did a discipleship training school in the fields near a little village called Epe. It was a wonderful experience for us individually and as a couple. The Netherlands is a wonderful place, the people are super friendly and the country is beautiful and so peaceful. One of the many things I learned while living there is that the Dutch are super creative and warm people. They have this word "gezellig" (pronanouced ha-ze-lek) which really describes a lot about their culture. It means so many things and does not have an exact translation in English but it can mean cozy, quaint, a nice atmosphere, a good and warm feeling, a good time spent with loved ones or a feeling of general togetherness. I love this word. You can feel this "gezellig" atmosphere when you are with the Dutch. Their homes are always so cozy, they make sure that any space they are sitting in will have this feeling of coziness and warmth. They will turn on a bunch of candles, serve you tea and coffee with cute cookies and have wonderful home decor. Overall it is such gives such a wonderful feeling. I was inspired to have this atmosphere in my home as well. Now that we finally have our own apartment again I can't wait to create a "gezellig" feeling. 

Loved biking everywhere

Wind mill where we bought fresh flour!

The lanterns!

Beautiful countryside


  1. I love this-it's easy to get complacent and forget the little things :)

    1. Thanks :), I know I need to remind myself those little moments of happiness


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