Saturday, September 20, 2014

Three Moments of Thanks

Running to this view makes it 10 times more enjoyable
This week I am thankful for getting back into a routine. For the past eight months our life had been change after change after change. But we are finally settling back into life, although it is a sharp adjustment to make having a routine has really helped me in this process. For the first few weeks I felt like my body was here but my head was not really here. I couldn't really bring myself to do things, I was really excited to do things like organize our home and paint etc' but just didn't have the motivation to actually start doing those things. So I made a little a schedule for the week, made a to-do list and slowly built a little life routine. It really helped my head feel more organized and able to do what I want to do. 

A wonderful evening making delicious food with friends

Being back with an awesome youth group, making homemade pizza

I'd love to know what are you thankful for this week? And do you have a weekly routine to help organize your head?

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