Friday, October 31, 2014

Lets Talk About Pajamas

I've been wanting to buy new pajamas for the longest time! Do you guys sleep in an actual pj set or just something comfortable? I think there is something really fun about pjs. I especially like silk pajama sets, they look really cute and more special. So I've been looking for a set for a while, but most nice sets are pretty expensive. And lets just say we don't have a lot of money laying around. Last week we were at Forever 21 and I found a really cute silk set with daisies, that was also really affordable! I have been living in them ever since! Here are four other options of really cute pajamas in different price ranges. 

Above: Forever 21, striped, silk set. Cute and affordable. $ 24.80

Equipmentwhite with stars silk set, if you really feel like indulging. $388.00

Eberjey, simple and cute in a variety of colors. $97

H&M, another affordable set in satin. $ 34.95

Which one would you pick?
I would love to know, do you wear pj sets? If so where do you find cute and affordable ones? 

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