Monday, October 14, 2013

DIY Coasters

I love simple DIYs, the ones that are just fun and easy. These DIY coasters are just that.  They are simple, but can add a touch of color to your home really quickly. Our rental has white walls, and since we do not plan on staying here for a long time there is no point in painting the walls. So I try to add color to the space using small details such as this.
Here is how I did them:

 I bought wooden coasters at the hobby store and used the acrylic paint I had at home which included different shades of blue and gold
I painted all the borders of the coasters gold, as I wanted something to make then uniform. I choose different patterns for each one - chevron, stripes, square pattern and ombre.
Starting with the stripes, I drew diagonal stripes and added the paint using two different colors.
To make the chevron pattern, I used a ruler to pencil in the template since I wanted all the points to be in the center of the coaster. After that I used to different colors to fill in the pattern.

For the squares pattern, I measured the size of the coaster in half, and then divided each half by three. Since it is a square coaster I did nine diagonal lines and nine horizontal lines. I really wanted to have a lot of different shades in this one, so I mixed the different blues I had and filled in a few small squares with each shade. I didn't worry about being exact since you can cover up the mistakes you made with the next color.

The ombre coaster is by far my favorite and it was the simplest one. You don't even need a pattern for this one; I just started with the darkest shade in one corner and went up using lighter shades of blue.

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