Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall Fashion

I love fall, especially in Israel the cool air is such a relief after our smoldering summer. The sun is still out every day with blue skies but the cold breeze lets you know that summer is departing and fall is here.
For this kind of weather sweaters are still a little bit warm, so I love light outfits that have a little "winter is coming" in them.
Shorts with long sleeved top. Wearing pants and a jacket is still too hot, that is why this outfit is perfect and it is always fun to have a chance to mix up your wardrobe.

Light-weight with light colors. This is the perfect outfit for a sunny day with cold breeze. It covers you up, but the light weight of the fabrics and the light colors are still perfect for the sun.

What are your thoughts about these outfits? I would love to know what your favorite trends are this fall...

Images from Vanessa Jackman, and Man-Boss

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