Friday, October 25, 2013

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

The weekend is here, and I am oh so happy! We had a tiring week with the move, especially since we did it all during the weekend and the lack of sleep just became worse as the week progressed. But thankfully we are all done! So this weekend we are just planing on being lazy! Aren't those the best weekends? We are going to buy some presents for Max's family for our trip next week, and other than that just read books, watch movies, eat goat cheese ravioli and drink wine! Here are a few fun links if you are planing on being as lazy as we are...

What makes salt and sugar so delicious together

A beautiful British Vogue issue

Pretty metallic pastel nails

Mini veggie pot pies

Lovely ceramics

I need/want this

Adorable pumpkin place cards

This dark chocolate peanut butter banana bread looks amazing

J. Crew duffle coat

Something every girl should hear

Hope your weekend is relaxing...

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