Friday, September 26, 2014

Home Inspo: Ladders

Last week the Ikea 2015 catalog arrived in the mail. I love looking through it, as it is always full of new and creative ideas. I really liked these shelves, they look like a ladder but are are also a great way to add shelf space. Our bedroom is lacking some decor to it. The main point of focus is the wall behind our bed which is navy blue with a big white frame, while the rest of the walls are white. Right in front of our bed is the closet and next to it there is an empty space, were right now we put our shoes. I have been thinking of how to add something to the space without making it look overwhelming. I have a few ideas in mind, and once I saw the Ikea shelves it made me think of either adding them or getting a ladder and using it to hang things to the space next to the closet. I love the use of ladders for decor, especially the natural looking ones. These are my favorite four ways of using a ladder for decor, the third one is from Ikea. 

I love all of them but I think the first and last ones are my favorite, which one do you like? 

Images via: 1 (unknown if anyone knows please let me know), 234


  1. I use balls of yarn in the dryer with a little essential oil to scent my laundry-they look just like the ones in the last photo :)

    1. that's such a great idea to add essential oil to your laundry! I think I'm going to try it. Thanks


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