Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pop of Pink

I usually don't use pink in my home decor, I lean towards blues and greens; but I just love this wall. Wouldn't it be fun to have a pop of color like this? I am dreaming of the day we will have our own home and I could put some color on the walls. In Israel most homes have white walls in the main living areas; bedrooms are sometimes painted in a different color but overall the norm is white. There is something fresh about white walls, they have a peaceful and clean vibe, but coming from Canada I really believe a little bit of color can bring so much warmth into a living space. I am sure some of our walls will be white, but I would love to add a little color as well. I love the flamingos and the color is so much fun in this image.

Maybe for a bathroom or girl’s room, until then I’ll keep dreaming.

Image from Society Social

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